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I’ ve rejected over 10 suitors –Jennifer Obodo – The Sun Nigeria

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Nollywood actress and model, Jennifer Obodo spent the Valentine’s Day alone.

Reason? She had no suitor who was willing to take her out on a date.

‘I am single and searching. So, no Valentine’s hangout for me. Well, I don’t mind getting gifts from other people’s boyfriends, as I don’t have mine. It is not too late. I am serious oh. I am also available for a romantic dinner dates.I  decided not to be with my partner for this year’s Val, so I had to accept my fate. I am dating the Lord now,” she said.

Speaking on heartbreaks and number of suitors she had rejected, the Imo State-born  actress, said she has lost counts of it all.

“I don’t think I have really had any heartbreak because I am very sensitive when it comes to dating. I read every handwriting very well that when something is about to go wrong, I know, so I prepare myself ahead. I try as much as possible to take the person off my mind, so I don’t get hurt. Yes, I have been hurt but not heartbroken.

I don’t keep counts of the suitors I had rejected, but I know they are over 10. I don’t just want to get married to anyone because of anything, but I want to get married to my own man ,my best friend, my soulmate, someone that I can share anything and everything with. Those people I rejected weren’t meant for me. I want someone that will love and support me in every way and  also support my career,” she stated.

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