Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

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Minas Dollz Talk show hosts Lee Cooper and Lydia Culter

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Christiana Barlet, the host on DMD show was in Aberdeen, Scotland to discuss Work Life Balance with Lee Cooper, a seasoned author and filmmaker and Lydia Cutler, the Founder of the prestigious Aberdeen Fashion Week, Scotland.

Both guests had a lot to share about Work Life Balance with Lee Cooper whose story is one of inspiration and resilience. He rose to the heights of odds, winning two Scottish titles and a Celtic title and competing for 5 years as a Kick Boxer. Before later on embarking on a journey of writing and film making.

Lydia Cutler has had a successful career at building a brand of herself and more prominently the Prestigious Aberdeen Fashion Week in Aberdeen, Scotland.

She and Lee had a lot to talk about in relations to handling family, work life and personal life.

With rich insights from two seasoned professionals, knowledge and a lot more were shared on how best to handle work life alongside other things in ones personal living.

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