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Nollywood creates jobs for millions of Nigerians, will soon equal Hollywood – Charles – Blueprint

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The Director and CEO of Magic-Lens Africa Film Academy Awards (MAFAA), Mr Charles Anwuru, has said that the Nollywood movie industry is creating millions of jobs for the jobless Nigerians even as it is aiming high to meet up with the Hollywood standard.

Anwuru, a Nollywood star, stated this during the 2018 MAFAA awards in Abuja where Miss Crystal Williams emerged winner and was made an ambassador to represent and preach MAFAA across the shores of Africa recently in Abuja.

He said MAFAA started way back in 2016 by just appointing a lady to be the face of MAFAA without going through any kind of test or whatsoever which eventually failed and led to this year’s face of MAFAA’ competition with a great difference.
“We are all gathered here not just to get entertained but support the movie industry to grow and to give our youths the privileges to present themselves and labour for what they think they desire and can accomplish so as to be able to run the platform if emerged the winner,” he said.

He added that, “as an African award we are using this platform to create awareness that the industry still has room for more people and employment based on our large population in Nigeria and the entire Africa.

According to one of the patrons of MAFAA, Dr. Collins Obiola aka BIG FISH, said they will continue to support the industry to grow as Nigeria being the giant of Africa.

Also speaking, one of the judges of the competition and a Nollywood actress, Ms Jesse Nazareth said she aimed at intelligence, composure, charisma to speak before an audience and above all be able to eventually carry the platform as expected of the winner.

Nazareth said the winner was not the most beautiful amongst all the competitors but emerged as the one with the best necessary quality to preach MAFAA to the world.

One of the participants in the competition, Miss Janelle Fabian said she came to win even though she is left without any compensation, that she would still live life to the fullest pursuing her other dreams like estate management and beauty artist.

Blueprint reports that the winner were awarded as follows: N500, 000 for the 1st runner up, N100, 000 for the 2nd runner up and the 3rd runner up was compensated with N50, 000.

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