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RMD, Sound Sultan, Endorse ‘Naija Hood Rep’; Talks On How Show Will Empower Youth

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By Linda Orajekwe

Naija Hood Rep, a Reality TV Show which has garnered the support of top Nigerian stars such as Sound Sultan, 2Baba, Richard Mofe Damijo and many others has announced that the show plays its part in orientating the Nigerian youth on the importance of not just being a Nigerian but embracing its culture and understanding why and how they need to do their part for a better Nigeria.

This statement was made during a press conference on the 1st of November 2020 where one of the major writers for the show, Rema Thaddeus spoke about how the show intends to not just reflect appropriately the various hoods in the country, but to also help Nigerian youth understand the power of the voice they have and use it as best as they need to, not just for themselves, but for their hoods and ultimately for Nigeria.

She said; “This show is promoting not just the country but the youth itself and with all that is going on, what we will do with Naija hood rep is to empower the youth and make them understand that they have a voice and that they can be strong enough to stand independently because you cannot have a country of uneducated youth, people who live below the poverty line and expect for there to be progress, whether within government or the people. So empowering the youth for us with proper knowledge and skills is the most important to us and that is the aim of the sponsor of this show, Nevada bridge TV as a whole.”

Speaking further on the need for a show like Naija Hood Rep created by Neville Sajere, CEO of Nevada Bridge TV at a time like this, Rema stated that; “Naija hood rep is one medium that is being used to amplify the message and bridge the gap between the Nigerian youth and the success message and that is why we’re taking our time to give not one not two but three winners and even after that we’re trying to expand the reach all 21 people because this will indirectly affect positively most of the issues we have as a Nigerian people. Naija hood rep is just one step at a time to help every hood that we can in Nigeria while at the same time be one hundred per cent proud of your country because it is representing your hood and the truth is, all of the people who died at the Lekki Massacre, that was precisely what they were doing at the Tollgate, they were representing their hoods, they were standing up for their country and that is what we want to amplify as a show in

Nigeria by Nigerians.”

Naija hood rep is a reality Tv show where 21 contestants would be selected to represent their respective hoods in one house for a period of ten weeks. Afterwards, three winners will emerge. The first position will walk away with 20 million naira and a car, the second position will win 10 million naira and the third position will walk away with 5 million naira.


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