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When I sing, people get healed –Seyi Weli, gospel musician – The Sun Nigeria

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Damilola Fatunmise 

Talented gospel singer, Seyi Weli, has a passion for inspiring and encouraging people through her music. 

Coming from a musical family, she sang in church choirs from elementary school through to university. For over a decade, she was an active choir member and worship leader in Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Fountain of Love, Scotland, United Kingdom. She has supported fellow church members as a backup vocalist for their albums and was a member of Sound of Many Waters, an interdenominational and multicultural gospel band also in Scotland.

In this chat, the Chartered Engineer and mother of two, who recently released two singles, Agidigba and Victory, talks about her music career and other issues.

Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Seyi Weli, a wife, mother and a gospel musician. I am also a Chartered Engineer.

What is an engineer doing in music?

I am a singing engineer. I am actually doing the work of God through music. It is something God has called me to do, so I see it as a privilege to minister and to lead people in worship.

What kind of engineer are you. Are you a civil, electrical or mechanical engineer?

I am a Safety Engineer.

What does a safety engineer do?

We take care of people in danger, like fire victims and all.

How exactly did you receive your musical calling? 

I grew up in a music family. My dad was a music director, so that already got me into doing music.

You were a choir member, did you play any musical instrument or you just sang?

As a child, I used to play piano but I lost it due to other things that occupied my time. But then, I am getting it back little by little now. My daughter is learning how to play piano, so I am learning with her.

What inspired Agidigba, your first single and what year was it released? 

Agidigba was released August last year and the video dropped October 2019. Agidigba is an Afrobeats gospel song, which reflects on the greatness and goodness of God. The song is a re-commitment to God. It’s also a way of showing how big God is. It came on my way back from one of my business trips, and I was thinking of where God has taken me to, looking at all the challenges. I was just reflecting on the past and the song came.

What of your other song, Victory

Victory came during a time I was going through a challenge, and my father was also ill. But through it all, God gave me the assurance that ‘I have my victory’. In whatever you are going through, if you’re believing God for a child, marriage or a job, believe that Jesus has the final say. When the time is right, he will do it. He makes all things possible in his own time.

This sounds like a testimony. Did you wait long before you had your child? 

No, I didn’t wait long. I actually had my child a year after I got married, but it’s just that there were things I was expecting from God. So, that was my own waiting period and God came through.

Between Agidigba and Victory, which is your favourite?

Both of them have different messages but I think I love Victory a lot because of the time it came, and the way the song helped me through (difficult times). For Agidigba… it’s so hard to say that I love one song more than the other, but I love Victory, most especially, the visuals.

You’ve been a Christian from childhood, when exactly did you have that turning point in your life? 

I remember vividly that I was 13-years-old when I got baptised by the Holy Spirit. I went for a youth event here in Nigeria and before I knew it, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I found myself on the floor, and seriously, that was a turning point for me.

Is your husband also an Engineer? 

Yes, he is.

A Safety Engineer as well?

(Laughter) Yes.

How did you meet your husband? 

My husband was a friend to my elder brother, but I didn’t know him because he moved to Scotland for a new job. He contacted me on Facebook and the rest is history (laughter).

Did he propose to you through Facebook? 

No! I wouldn’t have accepted that. He proposed normally. He met with my parents after three months we started dating. He knew what he wanted and went for it straight away. I went into deep prayers that until I hear from God, I would not accept his proposal, and then God gave me multiple signs. Since then, I have no regret marrying him. Yes, God has blessed me with this great and supportive husband, though we had a time in our relationship when I was waiting on God.

As a pretty woman and an artiste, how do you cope with pressure from men? 

Thank God, I don’t really face such things. But if it happens, I will tell them that I am a mother and a wife. It will be nice if people respect the fact that somebody is married and let them be. I would like to advise men who approach married women for love to refrain from such act. Do not break marriages and homes, because when marriages are broken, it affects the children and society as a whole. And for women in such circumstances, stand firm, do not disrespect yourself. Tell the person that you are married and the person would back off.

Some entertainers are facing difficulties in their marriages, what advice do you have for them?

Christ should be the foundation of your marriage in the first place. The entertainers should first make sure that they get the assurance and leading from God. I believe anything established by God will stand. So, they should take out time to seek God’s face and His direction so that when storm comes, they will run to God and say ‘God, you are the one that asked me to go ahead in this union’ and He will be there for them.

As an artiste, which was the biggest stage you have performed? 

The biggest stage I have performed was the Festival of Life in Scotland, which is similar to the Holy Ghost Congress here in Nigeria. They have one in London and also in Scotland, which houses about eight thousand people. I wish to perform at The Experience. I do watch it online in London and I am so proud of what Pastor Adefarasin and his team are doing. So, it will be a great honour to perform on that platform.

Whenever you perform, what kind of feedback do you get from people?

People do come to me and say they are blessed. I have also had a testimony of healing during my ministration. It’s something God has spoken about, and to see it come to pass is fulfilling. It’s very humbling for God to use this small me. For me, it’s a privilege and I am not taking it for granted at all.

What advice would you give an up and coming artiste who aspires to be like you?

I will tell them to rely on God only, because if you rely on man, he will fail you. God can’t fail you. When He lifts you up, He will sustain you and keep you higher. Networking is also important. So, do it well but never say this is the person that will take you there, it’s God that will take you there.

Who would you say has mentored you? 

My dad and my pastor, Chris Gbenle, he’s the head pastor of our headquarters church. And also Pastor Alex Omokodu, his family has been supportive.

Who among the local and international gospel artistes has influenced your music?

I like Sinach, Mercy Chinwo and Nathaniel Bassey. On the international scene, I love Don Moen; he’s a legend when it comes to gospel music.

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